• June 25, 2024
Glass Onion Knives Out

Daniel Craig is back as private detective Benoit Blanc in Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery.

A follow-up to Director Rian Johnson’s Knives Out film released in 2019, Glass Onion sees Benoit Blanc traveling to Greece to peel back the layers of a mystery involving a new cast of colorful suspects.

Edward Norton, who plays tech billionaire Miles Bron, brings his friends to his private Greek island to play a little game of murder mystery involving none other than Bron himself as the victim.

Among those on the guest list are Miles’ former business partner Andi Brand (Janelle Monáe), current Connecticut governor Claire Debella (Kathryn Hahn), cutting-edge scientist Lionel Toussaint (Leslie Odom Jr.), fashion designer and former model Birdie Jay (Kate Hudson) and her conscientious assistant Peg (Jessica Henwick), and influencer Duke Cody (Dave Bautista) and his sidekick girlfriend Whiskey (Madelyn Cline).

But alas, it’s not all fun and games as the trailer below reveals that an actual murder has taken place. As in all the best murder mysteries, each character harbors their own secrets, lies, and motivations.

Glass Onion: A Knive’s Out Mystery debuts on Netflix on December 23.

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