• March 3, 2024

“Live More” is arguably Smart’s most powerful and enduring brand campaign from 10 years ago. But, after rising through all the chaos and uncertainties of the pandemic, the brand’s latest tagline—”Live More Today“—resonates with Filipinos now more than ever. It hits differently and evokes a much deeper meaning that makes it a fitting mantra for this day and age.

Smart’s new campaign video opens by posing a thought-provoking question: “In today’s world, what does it mean to truly live?”

As it delivers a beautiful and sobering ode to living more today and making the most of every moment, Smart shows ordinary and yet deeply meaningful scenes: A father longing to spend quality time with his family; friends taking and sharing snaps during a day of bonding; a couple announcing their pregnancy to their parents through a video call, a group of cyclists sharing their milestone with their loved ones, and more.  

Through all these ordinary moments, Smart assures subscribers of its commitment to “empower you with technology to make the most of moments that truly matter today… With Smart, you can live more today in the most powerful way.”

Watch the full video here:

“With our new brand tagline, ’Live More Today,’ we aim to encourage Filipinos to always be present, immerse themselves in what they do, and fully live in the moments that truly matter today,” said Francis E. Flores, head of Consumer Wireless Business-Individual at Smart.    

With its fastest speeds and widest LTE coverage, Smart ensures that customers’ experiences are not disrupted and are able to keep up with the demands of their increasingly digital lifestyle.  On the other hand, Smart’s value-packed offers and innovative services ensure that customers have the means to be fully engaged in whatever it is that they are doing.  

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