• June 24, 2024

Hitting the road this summer? Aside from your 10-point checklist (brakes, lights, oil, coolant, battery, air, gas, engine, tire, self) another thing you should make sure of is that you’ve got a full tank of gas so that you don’t have to worry about running out of fuel when you find yourself stuck in heavy traffic.

And for this summer, Shell is giving you more reasons to go out and with its latest promo.

From March 27 to May 26, four-wheeled customers will get exclusive rewards when they fuel up at participating Shell Mobility stations.

A stamp card with six stamp slots will be given to customers after a single receipt purchase worth P1,500 of Shell V-Power fuels or P2,000 worth of Shell FuelSave fuels. They will receive the following rewards after every two stamps: a 500mL Gatorade Tropical Fruit Flavor drink on their second stamp, a limited-edition USB-powered Shell V-Power fan on their fourth stamp, and a Shell V-Power umbrella on their sixth stamp.

Customers can still avail of the Shell Go+ points. However, PO, Bulk and Fleet account customers are not included in this promotion.

Motorists can now experience 100% engine cleaning and restoration with the new and improved Shell V-Power. The product’s latest formulation has been specially designed with powerful cleaning agents that can remove deposits from key fuel system components and restore up to 100% of engine performance.

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