• June 13, 2024

Mitsubishi Motor Philippines Corp. (MMPC) officially unveiled Mitsubishi Manila Bay as its flagship Dendo Drive Station, a clean energy infrastructure that will allow electric vehicles (EV) to charge and supply electricity to a home or building.

Piloted under Peak Motors Philippines, Inc. (PMPI), this next-generation branch showcases the brand’s Vehicle-To-Home (V2H) energy ecosystem. Not only does it charge the Outlander PHEV but also supplies electricity back to the facility. This lessens dependency on the grid to be able to run appliances. Meanwhile, it also serves as a backup generator during blackouts.

Aside from significant benefits related to solar energy like cost savings on fuel and lowered carbon footprint, the Dendo Drive Station becomes a reliable source of electricity in case of power outages and other emergencies. The equipment installed at the showroom and the Outlander PHEV’s external power feeding function can directly support calamity-affected communities.

Left: Delta DC wall charger at the vehicle receiving area | Right: IKS bi-directional charger inside the showroom
This coffee machine is directly powered by the Outlander PHEV.

The Manila Electric Company (Meralco), through its subsidiaries, Spectrum, eSakay and MServ, brought the components to life. Two charging pods, an IKS bi-directional charger and a Delta DC Wallbox, can be found inside the showroom and at the vehicle receiving area, respectively.

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