• June 24, 2024

With so many choices, an overload of information, and the occasional too-good-to-be-true offers, online shopping can be confusing—and frustrating—to even the savviest of shoppers. Thankfully, e-commerce giant Lazada Group has incorporated artificial intelligence (AI) to answer your queries and provide an engaging and informed shopping experience.

LazzieChat is the first e-commerce AI chatbot of its kind in Southeast Asia powered by OpenAI ChatGPT technology in Azure OpenAI Service.

LazzieChat is especially useful for fast-moving consumer goods categories such as fashion and beauty, which are among the top items purchased on Lazada.

Brands and sellers on the Lazada platform can also benefit from LazzieChat as it helps increase product visibility, and is available around the clock.

The AI chatbot can be accessed by swiping down on the Lazada app homepage.

LazzieChat leverages Lazada’s own AI technology and platform, complemented by the natural language capabilities of Azure OpenAI Service. It can understand and respond to queries in a natural manner, and suggest relevant products or topics that may interest the user. It can also look up product descriptions and link products available on Lazada directly in the chat console.

LazzieChat is available in English in Singapore, the Philippines, and Indonesia markets, with the latter also receiving a Bahasa Indonesia version. More languages will be rolled out in due course. LazzieChat can be accessed by swiping down on the Lazada app homepage.

While LazzieChat’s algorithms adhere to Lazada’s trust and safety policies, Lazada also recognizes that there are challenges that come along with the ongoing development of natural language chatbots. According to the platform, it is continuously optimizing LazzieChat’s algorithms to recognize inappropriate content so it can respond accordingly and responsibly to user queries.

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