• June 13, 2024

In time for National Children’s Month this November, Meta launched new Instagram tools and resources in the Philippines to help keep young people safe and support their wellbeing online.

The Family Center is a hub where parents and guardians can access materials and resources to help young people build positive online habits. Parents and guardians can set up new tools—available in English and Filipino—to oversee the Instagram accounts of young people in their family.

The Family Center is accessed via the Instagram app and includes articles, videos, and tips on a range of topics to help adults start a conversation with teens about social media. It also includes video tutorials on how to set up and use the new Supervision Tools. 

The Supervision Tools allow parents and guardians to do the following:

  • Manage time spent on Instagram
    • Parents and guardians can set screen time limits and schedule breaks for their teen during the day or week
  • Keep track of new connections on Instagram
    • Parents and guardians can be notified on new accounts that young people in their family are following—as well as the accounts that follow them back
  • Get notified of reports
    • Young people can choose to notify their parent or guardian if they make a report on Instagram, so they can discuss what happened together

Setting up supervision on Instagram requires both a teen (13-17 years old) and their parent (over 18 years old). First, a teen or their parent sends an invite for supervision. Then, the invite must be accepted for supervision to start.

If a teen sends the invite, they must then confirm the parent who accepted the invite is the correct person to supervise their account. Note that only one parent can supervise a teen’s account, and that both teens and parents must have—or create—an Instagram account to accept the supervision invitation.

To learn more about Parental Supervision, click here.

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