• July 20, 2024

Need to have a document, gift, or package delivered to your family or friends? foodpanda now lets you do so conveniently and affordably with its pandago on-demand service.

“As the country’s leading online food and grocery platform, we want to take a step further and also provide Filipinos the convenience of having items such as documents, gifts, and packages delivered to their family and friends—with the same easy-to-use convenience that our foodpanda users are accustomed to when ordering their favorite food from their favorite restaurants,” said Patricia Jacinto, operations director of foodpanda Philippines.

pandago had an initial run in Davao and Cabanatuan.

Speed, safety, and security 

With pandago, users can have their packages safely delivered 24/7 within a short amount of time. Using the service is easy: just input your pick-up and drop off location, add the delivery details, and place your order. Proof of pick-up and delivery, as well as real-time tracking function are available on the app. 

In cases of lost, stolen, or damaged packages, pandago also offers insurance coverage for your items.

Ready to send a package? Head to the foodpanda app now and use the code NEWPGO to avail of a 95% discount (your delivery fee can go as low as P3.00!).

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