• May 19, 2024
Generative AI

Generative artificial intelligence (AI), dual-engine decision intelligence, and cloud-native security are expected to be the top technology trends for 2023, according to Alibaba DAMO Academy, the global research initiative by Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group.

Generative AI, which has already gained considerable traction, is expected to make further strides with its growing applications set to transform how digital content is produced. Aided by future technological advancements and cost reductions, Generative AI will become an inclusive technology that can significantly enhance the variety, creativity and efficiency of content creation, according to DAMO.

Another important emerging technology is dual-engine decision intelligence. Supported by both operations optimization and machine learning, the dual-engine decision intelligence system enables the dynamic, comprehensive, and real-time resource allocation, such as real-time electricity dispatching, optimization of port throughput, assignment of airport stands and improvements in manufacturing processes. As such, the technology can also help businesses enhance operational efficiency.

Cloud computing and security is predicted to continue playing a key role in businesses’ digital transformation. As security technologies and cloud computing are becoming more integrated than ever before, security services have embraced the shift to become more cloud native, platform-oriented and intelligent.

Other rising trends in DAMO’s forecast include pre-trained multimodal foundation models, chiplets, processing in memory, hardware-software integrated cloud computing architecture, predictable fabric based on edge-cloud synergy, computational imaging, as well as large-scale urban digital twins.

“Looking towards 2023, the advancement of various technologies will drive software/hardware co-design and the integration of computing and communications technologies,” said Jeff Zhang, Head of Alibaba DAMO Academy.

“The wide application of technologies will facilitate the rollout of AI and other digital technologies in vertical markets and promote the collaboration of public and private sectors and individuals in security technology and security management. The innovation driven by the advancement of technologies and their industry-specific application has become an irreversible trend,” he added.

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