• June 13, 2024

Many things affect our weight—from factors out of our hands like our genes and age to some environmental influences like our stress level, family habits, and culture. But there’s one essential element that we can always have control over, and that’s what we fuel our body.

Alas, despite our desire to eat healthful foods every meal every day, the demands of our modern lifestyles are keeping us from doing that. 

On extra busy days when you don’t have time (or energy) to prepare a wholesome meal, you can turn to meal replacement shakes to provide you with all the nutrients your body needs.

BodyKey by Nutrilite is a meal replacement shake from entrepreneur-led health and wellness company Amway. This improved version—available in chocolate, café latte, and berry flavors—is scientifically formulated to provide the essential nutrients you need for a nutritious meal.

It now has more protein from soy and chia seeds than its previous formulation with 17g plant protein to help satisfy hunger and reduce cravings. It also contains 5g fiber to support healthy digestion, 22 vitamins and minerals to provide the key nutrients of a healthy, balanced meal, and 200 calories to help maintain energy levels. 

The best part? It’s so easy to prepare. Just mix one pouch of your favorite flavor with 250mL of water (also tastes great with soy milk or almond milk for additional protein content), shake well, and consume.

BodyKey is backed by Nutrilite, one of Amway’s flagship brands and the world’s number 1 selling vitamin and dietary supplement brand. This meal replacement shake has no artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, and preservatives, and they are made with non-GMO ingredients. They also contain zero trans fat and are vegetarian-friendly.

“Eating right for what our body specifically requires takes time and some trial and error. Based on my experience, the healthiest solutions are always a shift, not a shortcut. Success usually comes when the changes we made aren’t too drastic,” said Amway Global Senior Research Scientist and Research and Clinical Investigator Dr. Gigi Kwok-Hinsley, DrPH, MS, RD during the launch of BodyKey by Nutrilite.

“They should fit into our busy lives and align with our overall health goals. BodyKey by Nutrilite provides the nutrition you need with a high protein, nutrient-packed shake that doesn’t feel and taste like you’re missing out on a lot,” she added.

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