• July 21, 2024

Thinking of switching to a hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) but are intimidated by its maintenance requirements? You don’t need to be. The truth is, maintaining an HEV is not too different from maintaining a regular car.

But of course, whether you drive an electric, hybrid, or regular vehicle, you need to take extra care of it during the rainy season to avoid road risks and accidents.

If you’re an HEV owner or are planning to become one, PSBank recommends that you cover everything in this checklist:

Check your tires and brakes

Tires and brakes are most vulnerable during the rainy season. Before you hit the road, inspect your tires for any holes and your tire pressure to prevent potential inconveniences and accidents.

For brakes, HEVs have a regenerative braking system so it benefits from higher friction and heat. Check your brakes or bring your HEV to a local dealer for a quick check-up. 

Check the rubber seals around doors, windows, hood, trunk, and taillights and clean out debris to prevent water pooling that might cause leaks.

Watch your car battery’s health

Cold and wet weather can shorten a vehicle’s battery life to one or two years. If you see any signs of drying out or bloating, immediately arrange for a replacement. A multimeter can also come in handy so that you can easily test your car’s battery.

The electric battery pack of an HEV generates large amounts of heat for its regenerative braking system, which may affect the temperature of the clamps, pipes, and hoses of the electric motor.

Be diligent in following maintenance schedules

Keeping track of your car’s mileage and maintenance schedule is the easiest way to make sure your car is in good condition and won’t have any breakdown on the road. The routine maintenance services are best done every three months or every 5,000 kilometers, whichever comes first.

Get a car insurance

No matter how well-maintained your car is, unexpected car troubles and inconveniences can still come your way. In these instances, a car insurance provider is your best partner. Having reliable car insurance can save you from a lot of trouble and unnecessary expenses.

Of course, insurance can also be expensive, so take advantage of Auto Loan promos that offer FREE insurance. 

If you have been planning to get your first HEV, PSBank and Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) are offering the Say Hi to Hybrid Auto Loan promo, which offers lower rates for Toyota’s Corolla Cross 1.8V Hybrid  (P1,665,000 SRP) and Corolla Altis 1.8V Hybrid CVT (P1,595,000 SRP). 

Any of the two cars come with free 1-year comprehensive insurance. This limited offer is available until August 30, 2022.  

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