• April 24, 2024

From sleek electric rides to cutting-edge concept automobiles and motorcycles, innovation was front and center at the Suzuki booth during the inaugural Japan Mobility Show from October 26 to November 5. 

Suzuki showcased its passion and excitement for a better world through an extensive lineup of vehicles and a commitment to diverse initiatives for a carbon-neutral future.

Suzuki’s two wheels of the future

Suzuki presented motorcycle models, both in concept and test stages, set to hit the global market in the coming years. These bikes also serve as the base models for researching and developing future motorcycle technologies.

Suzuki Burgman e-Scooter 

In April 2023, Suzuki introduced the Burgman e-Scooter, an electric counterpart to the 125cc Burgman Street EX. This model, conceived as a demonstration project, incorporates Gachaco’s interchangeable battery sharing service. The project’s primary aim is to gather data on the everyday usage of motorcycles, including commuting and shopping, and make use of the results to enhance the future development of electric motorcycles.

Suzuki Hydrogen Engine Burgman

As part of its comprehensive approach to achieving carbon neutrality, Suzuki is actively engaged in the research and development of hydrogen engines. The showcased unit is a cutaway version of the test model based on the commercially accessible BURGMAN 400 ABS. It features a 70MPa hydrogen tank and engine.

Suzuki e-PO 

The Suzuki e-PO is a foldable electric moped with a 50cc engine developed in collaboration with Panasonic Cycle Technology. It uses battery and powertrain units from e-bikes. It has a stronger assist function than ordinary e-bikes and is ble to ride comfortably on automotive roads. The bike has three ride modes: fully electric, assisted, and pedal.

Suzuki e-Choinori 

The Suzuki e-Choinori is a 50cc equivalent electric scooter and like the e-PO, utilizes the battery and powertrain units of Panasonic Cycle Technology e-bikes. Based on the 50cc scooter “Choinori” introduced in 2003, it is designed as an accessible short-distance transportation option. The e-Choinori features a straightforward and lightweight structure, making it a user-friendly mobility solution.

A general mobility maker 

Suzuki eWX

Suzuki has established itself as a manufacturer of diverse mobility solutions that contribute to enhancing people’s lifestyles. At the Japan Mobility Show, the brand showcased various automobile units, including the eVX, an electronically controlled 4×4 Suzuki SUV; the mini-wagon eWX; the e EVERY CONCEPT, which is a mini-commercial BEV van jointly developed with Daihatsu and Toyota; the Spacia Concept and the Spacia Custom Concept; as well as the Swift Concept. 

Suzuki eVX

Suzuki also introduced the Suzuki Senior Car—a motorized wheelchair—as well as its Electric Compact Mobility models, which include the next-generation four-legged transport vehicle MOQBA; the electric personal/multi-use mobility solutions SUZU-Ride and SUZU-Cargo; and the Suzuki GO! aimed at seniors who continue to be active. Suzuki also displayed its LM-A, last mile delivery robot developed with LOMBY Inc. 

SUZU-Cargo and SUZU-Ride

Suzuki has long been in the business of crafting outboard motors for boats, and at JMS 2023, it introduced the Suzuki Small e-outboard concept—an electric outboard motor featuring a compact design and a Micro Plastic-Collecting Device. This model is not only easy to transport but also requires minimal maintenance, offering a hassle-free and eco-friendly solution.

Suzuki has also partnered with SkyDrive Inc. for an exciting project: the development of a flying car. Suzuki is gearing up to commence the production of these futuristic vehicles. A 1/5 scale model was displayed at the show. 

Suzuki’s participation in the Japan Mobility Show 2023 underscores the brand’s commitment to shaping an exhilarating future on a global scale. This commitment is set to manifest through the introduction of new models to the country in the coming years.

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