• May 28, 2024

Creative pros, mobile workers, or anyone who deals with large, space-hungry files on a regular basis know how essential a fast and reliable external SSD is. And if you’re in the market for one, you should take a good look at the Kingston XS2000 portable SSD.

Measuring 69.54 x 32.58 x 13.5mm and weighing just 28.9 grams, the XS2000 is a small external SSD that’s as long as a typical USB flash drive but about a third wider. Kingston used a combination of metal and plastic for the silver-colored chassis, and threw in a black, stretchable rubber sleeve for shock-resistance. This device is also IP55-certified to withstand water flow and limited dust contact, and comes with a USB Type-C cable in the box.

On one end of the device is a USB Type-C port that supports USB 3.2 Gen 2×2. It’s fully backward-compatible with USB 3.2 Gen 2 as well as USB versions 3.1 and 3.0, though, so that’s good news.

The XS200 is available in three capacities: 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB. We have the 1TB model, which we connected to an iMac M1 (2021). Our system doesn’t support USB 3.2 Gen 2×2, so we didn’t achieve the highest transfer speeds, which are 2,000 MB/s read and 2,000 MB/s write.

Instead, testing the XS2000 using the Blackmagic Disk Speed Test gave us a max write speed of almost 800 MB/s and a max read speed of over 830 MB/s—which is still pretty fast.

We also did a file transfer test of 10GB worth of photo and video files, and we were able to complete the transfer in under 12 seconds.

Speed says

The Kingston XS2000 is a tiny and portable drive that performs well. If you work with large files on a regular basis, this is a good thing to have—although take note that you must have a compatible setup to enjoy the maximum speeds the XS2000 offers.

It would have been nicer, too, if it came with a USB-C to USB-A adapter, so we can connect it to laptops without a USB-C port.

The Kingston XS2000 is available at Kingston’s official stores on Shopee and Lazada:

  • 500GB: P6,400
  • 1TB: P10,700
  • 2TB: P19,200

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