• April 13, 2024

You’ve most likely seen brands on your Viber feed—or maybe you’ve even engaged in a conversation with your bank or favorite e-tailer on the platform. Welcome to conversational commerce or c-commerce—the next step in the evolution of e-commerce.

In a recent get-together with local partners, brands, and members of the press, three top-ranking officials of Rakuten Viber discussed how conversational commerce remains to become an important business and marketing tool in the post-pandemic world, and how Viber is shaping the future of c-commerce.

Cristina Constandache, Chief Revenue Officer; Etienne Dupont, Global Sales & B2B Marketing Senior Director; Berina Tanovic, Senior Messaging Partnership Manager

Viber offers a suite of business solutions for seamless brand-user communications. Etienne Dupont, Global Sales & B2B marketing senior director, highlighted certain Viber solutions for each point in a marketing funnel. These include Business Messages (for bookings, orders, deliveries, post-sales support), Chatbots (24/7 automated messaging service), and the soon-to-be launched Flash calls for more direct communication.

Viber also offers branded Stickers and Lenses and Viber Ads to help build awareness, consideration, conversion, and loyalty.

Dupont also explained how Chatbots can benefit brands, especially now that 82% of consumers expect immediate response on their queries. With Chatbots on Viber, brands now can provide their customers automated messaging service that’s available 24/7, offering more perks like opportunities to shop and pay for items right within a single app. 

And the possibilities for brands and users are limitless, especially with Viber’s long-term vision to become a super app, a single gateway to multiple services.

“Today people no longer want to use apps for different needs separately. On average, app users spend 77% of their time on their top three apps, and almost half of their time in one single app. People nowadays seek one gateway to many options in one place,” said Cristina Constandache, chief revenue officer.

Next year, Constandache revealed that Viber is gearing up to roll out a payment feature within the app, which will strengthen Viber’s positioning as a super app. Payments on Viber is already being tested in Greece.

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