• April 24, 2024

Netflix released the first official teaser trailer of the live action adaptation of Yu Yu Hakusho on November 11 as part of Geeked Week 2023.

The teaser opens with the scene of Yusuke Urameshi (Takumi Kitamura), the street-fighting delinquent main character, looking down at his own dead body after being struck by a car while trying to save a child’s life.

From there, Yusuke travels to the spirit world and meets Koenma (Keita Machida), who offers to bring Yusuke back to life as a Spirit Detective.

Screengrab from Netflix YouTube

The teaser also gives us a peek at the Toguro brothers, as well as Kurama, Hiei, and Kuwabara (or Dennis, Vincent, and Alfred to those of us who grew up watching the Philippine dub).

The teaser ends with a literal bang, with Yusuke testing out his Spirit Gun as he trains to be a better spirit detective.

Yu Yu Hakusho starts streaming on Netflix on December 14.

Watch the teaser trailer below:

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