• May 28, 2024

vivo unveiled at its 2023 Imaging Conference its new 6nm-based V3 chip as well as a periscope lens with the new “Vario-Apo-Sonnar” standards developed in partnership with ZEISS.

The V3 chip introduces a new multi-concurrent AI-ISP architecture and second-generation Frame Info Tunneling (FIT) technology. These upgrades enhance the user experience, enabling features like 4K cinema-like bokeh, automatic subject focus detection and switching, cinema-like skin optimization, and cinematic color processing. This makes vivo the first Android phone maker to enable 4K cinema-quality portrait video with post-processing functions.  

vivo released its latest V3 chip 

vivo also revealed more details about its collaboration with ZEISS, announcing a periscope lens design with the new “Vario-Apo-Sonnar” standards. APO design is considered to have the level of the industry’s top-quality control of chromatic aberration. For the very first time, the APO design will be adapted to a mobile imaging system enhancing a high performance zoom quality.

vivo and ZEISS jointly announced a periscope lens design with the new “Vario-Apo-Sonnar” standards.​

For vivo’s upcoming X series flagship model, ZEISS T* Coating will be equipped with Multi-ALD technology to enhance further the image clarity by reducing center reflectivity from 0.2% to 0.1% on the visible light spectrum.

During the event, vivo also announced the winners of the 2023 VISION+ Mobile PhotoAwards, with Indonesia photographer Jiehan Herry Saputro ’s “Let Me Fly” crowned the Best Photograph of the Year. 

Jiehan Herry Saputro ’s “Let Me Fly”, the Best Photograph of the Year

Since its inaugural launch in 2020, the VISION+ Mobile PhotoAwards program has received nearly one million submissions from over 40 countries and regions.

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