• June 25, 2024

Craving for something fresh, healthy, and satisfying?

At Subway, their BMT sandwiches can give you an awesome B.M.T Moment. Their Biggest, Meatiest, and Tastiest sandwiches are tempting and enticing choices, whether it’s their signature Italian B.M.T, the delightful Cheesy B.M.T, or their resident heavyweight, the B.M.T Plus.

Italian B.M.Ts are great for your everyday moments. If you want healthy comfort food, this is the way to go.

If you’re looking for a pick-me-up in between dull moments, choose the Cheesy B.M.T for a little fun to add to your day.

And if you’re roaring for adventure, the B.M.T Plus is up for the challenge. This sandwich is sure to satisfy thrillseekers everywhere.

In-restaurant prices for Subway’s B.M.T Sandwiches:

  • B.M.T Classic
    • Ala Carte – P185 (6-inch sub); P360 (footlong sub); P195 (wrap)
    • Regular Meal (w/ 22oz drink + 2pcs cookies) – P305 (6-inch sub); P480 (footlong sub); P315 (wrap)
  • B.M.T Double Cheese
    • Ala Carte – P195 (6-inch sub); P380 (footlong sub); P205 (wrap)
    • Regular Meal (w/ 22oz drink + 2pcs cookies) – P315 (6-inch sub); P500 (footlong sub); P325 (wrap)
  • B.M.T Plus
    • Ala Carte – P245 (6-inch sub); P480 (footlong sub); P255 (wrap)
    • Regular Meal (w/ 22oz drink + 2pcs cookies) – P365 (6-inch sub); P600 (footlong sub); P375 (wrap)

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