• April 24, 2024

SPX Express, the logistics partner of e-commerce platform Shopee, has opened its largest sorting center in the Philippines.

SOC 5, located in Calamba, Laguna, has over 25,000sqm of warehouse space and features cutting-edge technology that allows it to handle over 3 million parcels per day.

The fully automated sorting center is equipped with machines that can scan and sort packages automatically based on their destination. This improves the efficiency of order fulfillment, ensuring a smoother delivery process from sellers to buyers.

“Effective delivery solutions serve as a bridge between sellers and buyers. We are focused on sharpening the excellence of our operational services in order to ensure seamless logistics and an overall enhanced shopping experience for Filipinos,” said Martin Yu, Head of SPX Express.

“More than anything else, our goal is to enable more citizens to enjoy the benefits of online shopping and ultimately, to aid in their participation in the country’s growing digital economy,” he added.

By establishing a new sorting center, SPX Express is also helping MSMEs scale the reach of their businesses through its network of hubs and service points across the country. This allows sellers to reach more customers beyond their immediate proximities.

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