• July 21, 2024

When Dyson launched its game-changing Airwrap styler back in 2018, it quickly became a must-have product, especially for stylists and beauty gurus. The world had never seen anything like it: the hair tool could dry and style hair from wet using high-velocity air technology, as well as create a number of sleek, wavy, and voluminous hairstyles.

Now, the multi-styler gets a high-tech upgrade: the next-generation Dyson Airwrap.

Like its predecessor, this version uses Coanda airflow that curves air to attract and wrap hair to the barrel without the use of extreme heat. This time, however, it features an enhanced Coanda airflow, as well as a new design and reengineered attachments.

Here’s what else is new:

  • Next-generation styling barrels with a rotating cool tip to maintain hair strength. They’re also bi-directional in that you can switch between air flow directions in a flick of a switch. This means you can style and create clockwise and anti-clockwise curls without needing to switch attachments midway.
  • Re-engineered brushes in two sizes for more controlled styling, resulting in smoother and straighter hair
  • Coanda smoothing dryer attachment helps to combat flyaways and frizz, and can even become a powerful dryer with just one switch.
  • A wide-tooth comb for curly and coil-like hair types to detangle and shape, minimizing breakage
  • Round volumizing brushes can help you perfect the ultimate blowout

The new Dyson Airwrap is priced at P32,990 and is available at Dyson Demo Stores. All new attachments are compatible with older Airwrap multi-stylers, while owners of the original Airwrap can upgrade their set with a trade-up kit, which Dyson will announce pricing and availability soon.

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