• July 21, 2024

At the opening of the G-SHOCK store at Bonifacio High Street, Casio watch distributor CSC Time Inc. unveiled three collections from G-SHOCK and BABY-G that embody individuality, style, and self-expression.

“We are continuously evolving as a brand in pursuit of greater toughness and design that match the effortless style of consumers today,” shared Isabella Concepcion, head of Marketing of CSC Time, Inc.

“Casio has developed the new G-Shock and Baby-G lines to cater to the young generation who live active lifestyles and those who do not compromise their style. They do not want to fade in the background: they want to express themselves and in doing so, they make great impressions. In other words, they stand out,” said Sena Kuroda, Sales Manager for Timepiece of Casio.

The first collection, called Time Distortion, makes an impact as powerful as the G-SHOCK itself.

The band and dial feature psychedelic-like moiré patterns. Models include the iconic digital DW-D5600TD, the DW-5900TD with its triple graph design, and the DW-6900TD with its distinctive front button design.

Next up is the BABY-G X-Girl timepiece. BABY-G collaborated with X-girl—the “Real Girl’s Clothing” fashion brand—for the BABY-G BGD-565XG. The wrist candy features a polarized watch face and a translucent light blue band finished in purple pearl coating.

Need a different look? The watch comes with an interchangeable black resin bezel and bands to take with you wherever you’re going, so you can even change the look of your watch to match your style.

Last but not least is the Street Spirit line of watches, which takes the G-SHOCK form as its canvas. If you’re a fan of street art and street culture, then this is your timepiece.

Splashed boldly across the bezel and band, these street-savvy designs deliver original graffiti art.

You can pick from the following variants: the iconic case of the DW-5000SS, the metallic bezel of the GM-5600SS and GM-2100SS, and the oversized case of the GA-110SS and GX-56SS.

The Street Spirit Collection is available in store, while the Time Distortion Collection and the BABY-G x X-girl Collaboration model will hit stores in mid-December.

Check out these three collections at G-SHOCK High Street and in all G-SHOCK stores nationwide.

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