• October 1, 2023

In response to changing work trends during the pandemic, Globe swiftly adopted a tool called MemoApp for paperless approvals within and across departments, which enhanced efficiency in internal reviews and clearances.

Now, 917Ventures, Globe’s corporate venture builder, is bringing this digital tool to a broader business audience.

MemoApp is a fully automated, all-in-one management tool designed for teams and businesses of all sizes. It streamlines workflow processes by providing a platform for creating, approving, signing, and tracking memos.

MemoApp’s newest feature is an electronic signature that transforms how businesses handle paperwork. This feature enables enterprises to digitally sign and gather documents, simplifying the approval process and making document tracking faster.

The platform is also an affordable alternative to other e-signature solutions with subscriptions starting at only P499. 

Aside from offering convenient access to memos across all devices and locations, MemoApp also secures documents with encryption, visible only to authorized workflow participants.

MemoApp was already successfully tested and adopted by the Globe Group, including Globe, KonsultaMD, GCash, Rush Technologies, BRAVE CONNECTIVE, INQUIRO, m360, and KROMA Entertainment.

Individuals and businesses looking to try the MemoApp can sign up here to book a demo and avail of a free trial. 

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