• February 26, 2024

Ebike brand HATASU aims to be one of the leaders in the transition to sustainable mobility in the Philippines by offering safe, reliable, and affordable electric two- and three-wheeler ebikes.

Having only been in the local market for only almost a year, the brand has already achieved
nationwide coverage through strong partnerships with some of the biggest automotive and
technology dealerships

These include Cellboy, Cell City, EMCOR, Guanzon, Home Along, and K-Servico, among others. To date, HATASU ebikes are available in over 500 authorized dealer stores and has established 9 concept stores in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

Additionally, the brand is partnering with key financial providers such as Aeon Credit Service and Home Credit to offer financial support to its customers. HATASU is also solidifying its after-sales effort by providing home service repairs and collaborating with its dealers to build accredited service centers so users can easily have their units checked.

HATASU’s two-wheelers—KUMI and NERO—are designed for students, young professionals, and office
workers, as well as short-range travelers who need to run errands within their vicinity. Delivery riders looking for a more cost-efficient vehicle can also use these ebikes as they come with a front basket where small parcels can be stored.

Meanwhile, HATASU’s three-wheelers—MAKO and MAKO 2—are ideal for use of families. They can be used by parents to pick up their children from school or to run errands. It’s also an alternative for tricycle drivers looking to cut on fuel costs.

HARU, HATASU’s latest three-wheeler, the HARU, is ideal for individuals who need a vehicle but do not know how to ride or balance a bike and/or are not confident to drive a two-wheeler. It’s equipped with beginner-friendly features, so even someone with no prior experience of driving an ebike can easily hop on and use it.

“Our ultimate goal for HATASU is not to simply sell ebikes, we want HATASU to become a symbol of progress and sustainability, a driving force in the electric mobility landscape whilst ensuring accessibility to everyone,” said Austine Huang, Chief Marketing Officer.

HATASU Philippines is set to launch a new model in November in time for its first anniversary.

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