• June 24, 2024
Be Internet Awesome

Children today are true digital natives—growing up with the internet and everything the digital world has to offer. But because the internet poses safety and security risks, it’s important that kids—along with their families—are educated about online safety and digital responsibility.

This is why PLDT Home and Google have joined forces in creating a kid-oriented video series called Be Internet Awesome.

The online show combines animation and live action, featuring Gen Alpha whiz Sam and his trusty friend Robo-berto in fun-filled yet enlightening adventures on how to be smart, alert, strong, kind, and brave online.

be internet awesome

The series is based on the values of Google’s Be Internet Awesome global program and is directed by Manny Angeles, an award-winning director and producer of kid-oriented and animated shows. 

Available in both English and Filipino, Be Internet Awesome aims to teach children the fundamentals of leading a digital life, which includes what kind of information to post on social media and how to deal with cyberbullying, among others.

“After launching Be Internet Awesome in 2021 in the Philippines, we are glad to have found a like-minded partner in PLDT who champions the same values when it comes to protecting kids online,” said Bernadette Nacario, Country Director of Google Philippines.

“Through PLDT and more potential partners in the future, we hope to scale Be Internet Awesome and provide more families with a practical way of teaching digital safety and wellness to their children so they can become responsible, confident explorers of the online world,” she added.

Be Internet Awesome will premiere on the PLDT Home YouTube channel on July 8.

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