• June 13, 2024

While the rainy season provides relief from the summer heat, it also brings a hidden problem: increased humidity. This excess moisture in the air isn’t just uncomfortable; it also creates a fertile breeding ground for mold and mildew to grow.

Thinking of how you can combat this? Well, the LG Dual Cool Air Conditioner that you used to beat the summer heat can also double as a solution to these moisture challenges.

LG’s Dual Cool Air Conditioners feature a Dry Mode, which not only cools but also automatically adjusts to the optimal temperature and fan speed, removing extra moisture from the room. This keeps your living spaces comfortable without that sticky feeling from high humidity.

For added safety and comfort, the Dual Cool Air Conditioners use Plasmaster Ionizer technology, which reduces toxic viruses and bacteria brought by precipitation from the air you breathe. It removes 99.9% of adhering bacteria in a room, ensuring clean, pure air that’s safe to breathe.

Need extra protection? LG’s UVnano technology helps prevent bacteria buildup by automatically sterilizing the wind-generating fan and evaporator. A four-step air purification system is also utilized, trapping big dust particles and reducing allergens.

Say hello to clean, crisp air!

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