• June 13, 2024

Ford Philippines donated a Ford Transit van and a grant of $30,000 to global food rescue foundation Scholars of Sustenance to support its food rescue operations.

Ford PH turned over the Ford Transit during SOS’ Zero Summit Philippines 2023 held last August 8. With the theme “Zero to Hero,” the summit aimed at fostering collaboration among various stakeholders including the academe, business organizations, civil societies and government agencies to achieve the goal of zero food waste and zero hunger by 2030.

The food rescue program of SOS Philippines aims to reduce food wastage through collaboration with its donors in collection of surplus food, ensuring food safety in handling and delivery of the goods to partner communities.

With the Ford Transit, SOS Philippines can proactively recover and transport non-perishable food items and subsequently transform the collected items into more nourishing meals to effectively address hunger within underserved communities while reducing food wastage.

This initiative is crucial to meeting SOS Philippines’ goal in curbing food wastage, considering that in the Philippines alone, one in every ten households experience issues of food insecurity and hunger while a substantial amount of food goes to waste from establishments. 

SOS is a global food rescue foundation that aims to address food security problems in the most undernourished communities across Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines. They runs programs like Rescue Kitchen Program, where unused food ingredients are collected from various establishments, and Food Rescue Program, where quality surplus food from establishments are collected and are transformed into nourishing meals. 

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