• October 4, 2023

foodpanda logistics and IoT-based company QUBE Smart Technology Corporation have partnered to optimize the delivery process, offering convenience to both consumers and delivery partners.

Here’s how it works: After a customer places an order through the app, foodpanda logistics delivery partners can conveniently store the food or groceries inside QUBE Digital Smart Lockers. These lockers are strategically placed near the app user’s location to ensure a safe and hassle-free pickup.

foodpanda logistics Philippines Operations Manager Ruben Mariano expressed his excitement for the partnership. “It is a delivery partner and customer-centric collaboration where we aim to make their lives more comfortable and easier. Our Ka-panda delivery partners won’t have to wait, and customers won’t have to wait either. This improvement will enhance the overall experience and satisfaction of all stakeholders in the ecosystem.”

For President and CEO of QUBE Smart Technology Corp. Elcid Lao, the partnership is a big leap of innovation for QUBE and foodpanda logistics, and its stakeholders such as the delivery partners and Filipino consumers. “It allows everyone to experience seamless transactions by ordering through the app and picking up the items directly from our Digital Smart Locker. “

First introduced by QUBE, the smart locker system came to the Philippines as a means to fulfill the need for contactless delivery and safe storage during the pandemic. It eliminates the precarious face-to-face encounters associated with delivery of parcels and goods. 

Mariano explained that now, beyond the benefits of contactless delivery, the partnership ensures an even more efficient transaction process for delivery partners. “It empowers our Ka-pandas with enhanced ease and convenience when fulfilling orders, enabling them to maximize their time and productivity during their time slot.”

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