• April 19, 2024

Better Today Time Capsule Project is PLDT and Smart’s mental health initiative that focuses on art as a form of catharsis.

For this year’s art festival, five winners were chosen from almost a hundred entries. The top five winners, who used art as a form of mental healthcare, received P10,000 worth of connectivity from PLDT and Smart, as well as a three-month premium subscription from Canva Philippines.

Reuben Valentin, a senior high school teacher in Colegio de Sta. Monica de Angat in Bulacan, shared the important message of reaching out to one another. “The hand can be a guide to the lost, a source of strength and hope. My artwork features the hand and does not show the face of the person, for it can be anyone—regardless of race, gender, religion, and status,” Valentin said. 

Alelie Olaes, an incoming Grade 12 student, shared the story of students who face uncertainties amid the pandemic. “My artwork is about resilience inspired by my fellow students. I wanted to deliver the message that they are not alone, and to remind them of how hard we’ve been working towards our dreams,” the 16-year-old said. 

For 20-year-old Lou San Diego, the Time Capsule Project showed the importance of vulnerability. “With my vulnerability, I have managed to create art that resonates with people. Art is made for us to feel something or even make us think about a person or a thing. Art, in any type of medium, is a gift that is meant to be seen, touched, or heard,” San Diego said.

Rayson Villanueva delivered spoken word poetry for his time capsule entry. According to Villanueva, art is his safe space. “My art became my comfort, my shield and armor in every battle I’ve been through. Writing allowed me to take a step back and see every part of myself that needs healing,” he shared.

Meanwhile, 17-year-old Maxene Ramos’ digital entry was inspired by a joyful Filipino family. “My piece depicted a family gathering. With the sun behind them, it mirrors how we find joy and hope amid struggles. It’s a reminder that we’ll always have our families with us amid tough times,” she explained. 

Championing mental health and wellness through Time Capsule is part of PLDT and Smart’s commitment to help the Philippines contribute to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), particularly UNSDG 3. which stands for good health and well-being.

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