• February 20, 2024

“Where can it take you?”

“What happens if you run out of charge?”

“How will it impact my electricity bill?”

These are some of the questions often asked about electric vehicles—and they are valid questions. Thankfully, with more EV charging stations being put up in strategic locations, you can power up your EV anywhere.

SM Supermalls is the biggest chain of malls in the country to offer EV charging stations, with 27 of its malls nationwide offering the service.

That means you can get rid of range anxiety if you’re planning to drive your electric car from Metro Manila to Baguio.

A one-way drive from SM Mall of Asia to SM Baguio is approximately 300 kilometers. That single trip takes around six hours—including potty breaks and other necessary stopovers. 

Generally, the electric vehicles available locally would need at least five minutes of charging to get through 100 kilometers of travel. You’d have to allot at least 30 minutes on average if you consider the battery capacity of your car. If your car battery is fully drained, you might need to charge it for about half a day. 

SM says these urban centers have proven to be energy-efficient, and so SM is letting EV owners use these charging stations for free.

“The EV charging stations in SM Supermalls are one of the sustainability initiatives under the SM Green Movement. Aside from advocating air conservation and clean energy through this innovation, we champion solid waste management, water conservation, energy efficiency, and disaster resilience for a greener, safer tomorrow,” said Steven Tan, President of SM Supermalls. 

To know more about SM’s EV charging stations, click here.

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