• July 21, 2024

Christmas in the Philippines is like no other. As soon as the ‘-ber months’ roll in, we’d hear Christmas carols being played, families and friends planning their get-togethers, malls decorating their stores with lights and colorful decor, and people ticking things off their shopping lists. It’s no wonder the Philippines is known for celebrating the longest Christmas season in the world.

During this crazy, hectic, and frenzied time, the one device you need to help you accomplish everything on your to-do list is a good, reliable smartphone. That’s because the phone’s role in our daily lives has certainly gone beyond just communication. It has become a tool for entertainment, productivity, and photography. 

And this is also why smartphones make for a great gift: it shows that you want your loved ones to be connected, informed, and entertained. It also encourages them to pursue their passions with the help of a smart device. Not many other gifts hold such promise! 

With Christmas season upon us, what better time than now to get your daughter, best friend, favorite cousin, or yourself a new smartphone? To make shopping for a new device more enticing, vivo is having a Paskong La vivo Loca promo, wherein you can get a chance to win exciting prizes when you visit any vivo concept store from November 15, 2022 to January 31, 2023.

Can’t decide which of vivo’s various value-for-money smartphones to get? Let us help you with that. Here are three devices—with different price points—that will definitely put a smile on your or your loved one’s face.

vivo V25 series

Got Christmas parties and get-togethers left and right? You need a trusty device that can capture all those cheerful smiles, glittering lights, and colorful decor. That’s where the vivo V25 series comes in. Touted as a ‘Night Photography Master,’ the phone series—composed of the V25 Pro, V25 5G, and V25e—is equipped with a 64MP OIS ultra-sensing night camera that ensures all your photos look clear, sharp, and vibrant every time no matter what time of day. The V25 Pro, in particular, has a Real-Time Extreme Night Vision that will capture details and moments in the dark and help transform your photos into stunning night shots.

Capture the happy smiles of family and friends during your annual reunion with the help of the triple rear camera or the 32MP or 50MP (V25) selfie shooter. Or, you can do a Christmas vlog for posterity—whether you’re celebrating it at home or away—with ease thanks to the V25 series’ Vlog Movie feature. Your reels will look great thanks to the built-in vlog templates and a selection of styles to choose from.

Shoot to your heart’s content without worrying about running out of storage space as the V25 series comes with a generous 256GB internal memory.

All models in the series are packed with large RAMs (up to 20GB Dynamic RAM), which means the phones can keep up with your hectic schedules with zero lags. Awesome if we do say so ourselves! 

Got a full day of activities? Don’t worry about running out of battery as the V25 series is equipped with all-day batteries and fast charging capabilities. The V25 Pro, in particular, has a 4830mAh battery that supports 66W fast charging. This means it can go from 0 to 40% in just 15 minutes or up to 71% in just half an hour. Not to be outdone are the V25 and V25e, which are both equipped with a 4500mAh cell with 44W fast charging. Need power stat? In just 15 minutes, the phone can get back up to 35%. 

The vivo V25 series is also a great gift for those who like to showcase their personality through their smartphones. That’s because the unique Photochromic 2.0 technology allows the devices to change in color when exposed to sunlight or UV light. The V25 series phones are the only smartphones in the industry to make use of Photochromic 2.0.

In particular, the cool Surfing Blue variant changes from light blue to deep ocean blue, while the Sunrise Gold transitions from orange to reddish hues when light hits it. You can even make your device look Christmas-chic by making cut-outs like snowflakes, a snowman, or Santa Claus! 

vivo Y35

We all know how frenetic the Yuletide season can be, what with all the gift-buying, party-planning, and entertaining that it entails. And because you rely on your phone for your everyday tasks, you need a phone with a big battery and fast-charging capability.

The vivo Y35 can be this reliable device. Call, exchange messages, organize, take pictures, and more all day without being tormented by the thought that your phone will conk out in the middle of an important task. The vivo Y35 has a 5000mAh battery and is the fastest-charging phone in the Y series. With 44W FastCharge, you can regain 30% in just 15 minutes or 70% of power in 30 minutes. Definitely quick as a flash!

Just like the vivo V25 series, the vivo Y35 is also a great tool for taking endless festivity photos. It has a triple rear-camera (50MP f/1.8 main, 2MP f/2.4 bokeh, and 2MP f/2.4 macro), with the large sensor of the main camera making sure you get vivid shots even at night—or dawn, if you wake up for the early morning Simbang Gabi.

The Y35 is also equipped with a 16MP selfie camera packed with Video Face Beauty so you can look your natural best when you shoot your Christmas vlogs.

Other outstanding features of the Y35 include its tried-and-tested Qualcomm Snapdragon 680 chipset paired with 16GB dynamic RAM and 256GB built-in storage.

vivo Y16

For some, Christmas is the only time in the year when everyone can simultaneously take time off their busy schedules to spend quality time with friends and family. Because you spend a lot of time away from each other during the year, it’s important to create priceless Christmas memories that everyone can look back on anytime.

The vivo Y16 is an ideal device for this scenario as its 128GB of storage—with support for up to 1TB of memory expansion—allows you to continuously create and save memories without the fear of running out of space. The vivo Y16 comes with 5GB dynamic RAM for stutter-free performance.

Playing games together is also a good way to create memories, and the Y16’s MediaTek P35 octa-core processor lets you enjoy uninterrupted game time. With the help of Multi-Turbo 5.5 and Ultra Game Mode, you can play lag-, and distraction-free. 

Of course, doing all that can take a toll on the phone’s battery. The good news is, the vivo Y16 has a huge 5000mAh battery capacity. Leave your battery anxiety behind and enjoy hours of video streaming, gaming, and music playback.

The vivo Y16 also features a 6.51-inch Halo FullView display with Eye Protection Mode, side fingerprint and face wake for fast and easy unlocking, a good front camera with Aura Screen Light (for great selfies even at night!), and a trendy design in two colorways: the warm and youthful Drizzling Gold, and the elegant Stellar Black, which is inspired by the pattern of shooting stars.

Season must-haves

Giving the perfect gift isn’t about spending loads of money. And with these devices from vivo, you can pick the best present for the budget that you have. 

The vivo V25 Pro is priced at P29,999 while the vivo V25 and vivo V25e retail at P23,999 and P17,999, respectively. These smartphones are the ideal gift for friends and family who love taking photos.

Meanwhile, the vivo Y35, priced at P14,999, is for those who need a fast, high-performance phone that lasts all day and juices up in a flash.

And then there’s the power-packed yet pocket-friendly vivo Y16—priced at P7,999 (4+64GB) and P8,999 (4+128GB)—which is great for those who like a stylish phone with an enormous storage.

So, ring the holiday bells and celebrate the most wonderful time of the year! Beat the Christmas craze, tick off everything on your shopping list, and savor the magical moments with your friends and family. And of course, don’t forget to grab this opportunity to visit vivo concept stores so you can get a chance to win exciting prizes and add more cheer to an already festive season.  

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