• October 1, 2023

At the recently held 2023 FTTH Conference in Madrid, Spain, ICT solutions provider ZTE Corp. reaffirmed its continued commitment to sustainability by creating products that adhere to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) policies.

ZTE Corp. has been advocating green development concepts and exploring a series of environmental protection measures, which include product architecture, device packaging materials, key components, and O&M.

In his presentation, Hans Neff. senior director of the ZTE CTO Group emphasized that building sustainable green FTTH (fiber to the home) networks is a key direction for network development that benefits the whole society. Neff said that the “green” requirements should be integrated into the full life-cycle of FTTH networks.

Hans Neff, senior director of the ZTE CTO Group

ZTE’s products follow the green design concept of smooth evolution, high integration, miniaturization, and easy deployment in its product architecture.

For example, ZTE’s Any-PON multi-mode solution, the first of its kind in the industry, can meet the requirements of diverse scenarios through flexible configuration, and effectively reduce the number and types of cards. ZTE’s compact OLTs also effectively save space and energy in equipment rooms.

ZTE’s fixed network CPEs use 100% recyclable plastic enclosures, and packaging boxes use 100% green plant-based ink that is non-toxic and harmless for device packaging materials. ZTE likewise enhances the functions and lowers the power consumption of its key components.  ZTE also adopts intelligent management methods for O&M.

According to ZTE, it is “committed to green development and will continue to cooperate with industry partners to create green solutions for enterprise operation, supply chain, digital infrastructure, and industry empowerment. ZTE will continue to build sustainable green FTTH networks and help industries to adopt the green development path quickly.”

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