• February 26, 2024

Yamaha Motor Philippines, Inc. and Spartan Philippines collaborated this year as part of the motorcycle brand’s ‘Play Your Tough’ campaign featuring the Yamaha Mio Gear.

The motorcycle is a representation of personal toughness and encourages each individual to overcome any challenge. This is synonymous to the obstacles presented by Spartan Philippines in its races and the required determination by each participant to reach the finish line. 

Yamaha was also named the official lifestyle motorcycle of Spartan Philippines, a partnership which runs through May 2024 Yamaha. With this, Spartan has been part of the Mio Gear Playground launch tour, featuring physical challenges such as monkey bars, box jumps, battle rope exercises, and medicine ball slams. Completing these challenges earns participants the title of “tough enough” and a special Yamaha item.

Meanwhile, the Yamaha Mio Gear Squad showcased their toughness in each Spartan Race. At the Spartan Race Alviera, they took on the Sprint challenge, an off-road trail course with 20 difficult obstacles that involved throwing spears, crossing monkey bars, crawling under barbed wire, and climbing walls and ropes.

Next, they participated in Spartan Race Stadion in New Clark Pampanga. Inspired by the race held in the first Olympic games, the modern version is a 5K, 20-obstacle challenge mounted in a stadium. It is rapid, intense, and centered around teamwork. Utilizing functional fitness training, this test truly measured the squad’s strength, speed, and willpower. 

At the Spartan Race Montclair in Pampanga, the Mio Gear Squad had its largest competing group, with 60 individuals participating. They took it to the next level by taking on the ‘Super,’ which involves a 10K trail run with 25 challenging obstacles. The course, featuring intense elevation, demands Spartans to combine speed and endurance in their run.

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