• November 30, 2023

Yamaha Motor Philippines, Inc. (YMPH) wrapped up the third leg of the Yamaha Club (YClub) Mania in Davao last September 16.

Over 500 riders from various areas in the region participated in the breakfast ride to the venue—the Davao Convention and Trade Center—and enjoyed a fun-filled day with their fellow YClub members.

Under the banner of YClub’s new slogan “more than just a ride,” this new era of Yamaha Club dedicates its activity to providing a collaborative experience where riders can create memorable moments, have fun, and build a strong riding community whether on and off the motorcycles.

The convention center was turned into a blue-themed fair, with the new YClub logo as the main outdoor attraction.

Attendees had the chance to win prizes in various activities, raffles, and games during the event.

In addition to the fun and games, YMPH ensured that every YClub rider grasped their role as a responsible motorcycle owner.

Yamaha hosted a discussion about planning a long ride with safety touring guidelines, particularly on how to condition your motorcycle and yourself as a rider.

Guest speakers from various backgrounds also participated in the event to share their expertise. Katherine Anuta-Rubio from the Department of Tourism discussed Davao Touring Circuits for riders planning their trips. Meanwhile, Idolmoto and Ned Adriano shared their journey as motorcycle enthusiasts who aspired to become successful content creators.

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