• May 18, 2024

Following its successful partnership with ZEISS for its X Series, vivo is now bringing the technology to its popular V Series smartphones, starting with the vivo V30 Pro.

The V30 Pro is the first V Series device to feature ZEISS’s advanced optical technology, promising superior color, contrast, sharpness, and depth in each shot.

We got our hands on this ZEISS-powered smartphone and put it to the test. Read on to see whether this phone delivers on its claim of Pro-level camera features and results, along with other high-end functions and specs.

Effortless elegance

The V30 Pro is vivo’s thinnest phone yet, measuring just 7.45mm thick and weighing a mere 188g. Its sleek design, featuring curved front and back panels, enhances both its premium feel and grip. This combination of slimness, lightness, and ergonomic design elevates the V30 Pro’s aesthetic appeal while ensuring a comfortable user experience.

This smartphone well combines style and functionality, packing a massive 5000mAh battery and a triple camera system within its slender body.

The volume rocker and power button reside on the right side, while the bottom houses a dual-SIM card slot, a USB-C port, and a single downward-firing loudspeaker. The left side remains unadorned, and a single microphone hole at the top completes the clean design.

ZEISS vision

The V30 Pro promises outstanding image quality, thanks to its ZEISS triple main camera system and Aura Light 3.0 technology. Through a strategic collaboration with ZEISS, vivo aims to redefine mobile photography by delivering top-notch color accuracy and superior picture quality across various shooting scenarios, be it landscapes, portraits, group photos, or macro shots in any lighting condition.

Just seeing the ZEISS logo on the camera modules inspires confidence. The phone’s rear cameras—a 50MP primary sensor (Sony IMX920), a 50MP telephoto lens (Sony IMX 816), and a 50MP ultrawide camera (Samsung ISOCELL JN1)—create a strong setup that delivers on its promise of exceptional image quality.

The stock camera app has three distinct color modes: vivid, textured, and ZEISS. Each offers a unique color profile with varying saturation levels and styles. The ZEISS mode tends to deliver the most natural colors, although the choice ultimately boils down to personal preference.

The vivo V30 Pro captures excellent photos with great detail and a wide dynamic range in daylight. Colors are rendered fairly accurately, and users have considerable control over color settings. At night, the primary and portrait cameras capture images with impressive detail and clarity. The phone effectively handles light sources while producing well-developed shadows with minimal noise.

Another bonus is the new Aura Light 3.0 system, which proves helpful in illuminating dark environments to capture scenic shots and portraits. It offers fully adjustable light color output, enabling the capture of mood-enhancing photos with decent clarity and detail.

On the front of the phone, you’ll see the 50MP ZEISS-powered selfie camera. Like the rear cameras, it takes clear and vibrant selfies and group photos. The beauty enhancement feature is turned on by default; it subtly enhances the subject’s face, but you can turn it off or adjust the level of enhancement as needed.

All things bright and beautiful

The vivo V30 Pro boasts an impressive 6.78-inch curved AMOLED display with a Full HD (2800 x 1250) resolution, a maximum refresh rate of 120Hz, and a peak brightness of 2,800 nits.

Whether watching videos or gaming, this phone delivers a delightful experience. The colors on the screen are vivid and dynamic, providing an immersive viewing experience, particularly with high-quality content.

With three color profiles—Standard, Pro, and Bright—alongside manual color temperature adjustment, users have the flexibility to customize their screen preferences. Moreover, the V30 Pro supports HDR10+, further enhancing the viewing experience with vibrant colors.

Thanks to its impressive brightness levels, the display adapts well to varying light conditions and remains highly readable even under direct sunlight.

The downward-firing speaker provides a decent and sufficient volume and clarity. At maximum level, the speaker is already quite loud—and you can make it even louder by pressing the volume up key to activate Audio Booster mode.

Power and performance

A robust MediaTek Dimensity 8200 processor powers the vivo V30 Pro. It is also equipped with 12GB of RAM, which is still expandable up to an additional 12GB through dynamic RAM expansion. Storage is not a problem with its 512GB capacity, which should be sufficient for all your apps, files, photos, and videos, along with other documents, media content, and downloads.

For everyday tasks, the phone demonstrates smooth performance. It handles multitasking effortlessly, allowing users to switch between applications without a hitch.

It remains capable when running casual games. However, during intensive gaming sessions with graphic-intensive games like Genshin Impact, there were occasional frame drops, especially when pushing the graphics and frame rates to their highest settings.

The vivo V30 Pro is equipped with a 5000mAh battery that offers remarkable endurance. In our testing, the device lasted for approximately 20 hours on a full charge before getting the low battery notification. Usage includes basic smartphone tasks, social media browsing, casual gaming, and occasional photo and video recording.

In addition, the rapid 80W wired charging capabilities significantly extend the phone’s lifespan. Charging up to 50% takes just about 20 minutes, ensuring users can stay productive without the need for frequent recharging.

Speed says

The vivo V30 Pro (12GB+512GB) retails for P34,999. You can get one at your nearest vivo concept store or kiosk or through the vivo website, Shopee, Lazada, and TikTok Shop.

Overall, the vivo V30 Pro is a great phone with its amazing AMOLED display, a massive battery with fast charging capabilities, a sleek and curved design, and, of course, an excellent set of cameras powered by ZEISS with a useful portrait lighting system. All these make the vivo V30 Pro a compelling choice, offering a comprehensive and refined package that meets the demands of modern smartphone users in 2024.

Words and photos Pat Calica-Lijauco

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