• February 26, 2024

Looking for a new hangout spot? How about one where you can play, dine, and unwind—all in one place?

Golfing Brothers Inc. recently launched VIP Golf, an all-in-one golfing destination at MET Live Pasay City.

VIP Golf sets itself apart by offering a comprehensive golfing experience that caters to individuals of all ages and skill levels. The venue boasts an open bay area, VIP rooms, and a state-of-the-art indoor golf simulator that captures your movement with 99% accuracy.

VIP Room
Open Bay

What to expect inside VIP GOLF

VIP Golf has a range of amenities that promise a unique and indulgent golfing experience. The Open Bay, equipped with cutting-edge golfing technology, allows golfers and enthusiasts to refine their skills while enjoying the view outside of MET Live Pasay City—all at a rate of P1,200 per hour.

For those seeking comfort and luxury, the VIP Rooms provide an exclusive space to play, entertain, and unwind, priced at P2,400 per hour.

Guests can chill and unwind at the Bar & Restaurant, enjoying VIP Golf’s finest food and drinks crafted by the venue’s professional bartender and chef.

A convenient and well-stocked Pro Shop caters to all golfing needs.

Caddies offer the VIP treatment on the course, while in-house professional coaches are available to help you elevate your skills.

Photo: Melai Balitaan

With extended operating hours from 6am to 3am, Mondays through Sundays, VIP Golf can accommodate varying schedules. Complimentary parking ensures a hassle-free experience,

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