• December 9, 2023

In case you missed the critically acclaimed film Triangle of Sadness in cinemas, here’s good news: Prime Video is bringing the black satire to local streaming this February.

Triangle of Sadness, starring Golden Globe and BAFTA nominee Dolly de Leon, is a satirical portrayal of wealth inequality. The Palme d’Or winning film revolves around the guests and crew of a doomed cruise ship whose social roles are turned upside down after a sea mishap.

Triangle of Sadness will be available to stream on Prime Video starting February 23.

Other February releases on Prime include the following:

Argentina, 1985. Inspired by the true story of Julio Strassera, Luis Moreno Ocampo, and their young legal team of unlikely heroes in their David-vs-Goliath battle against Argentina’s bloodiest military dictatorship. The film, now streaming on Prime Video, has received a nomination in the 95th Academy Awards, International Feature Film category.

Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne (Credit: Julie Vrabelová/Prime Video)

Carnival Row (Season 2). Available to stream starting February 17, Season 2 of steampunk fantasy show Carnival Row picks up with former inspector Rycroft Philostrate a.k.a. Philo (Orlando Bloom) investigating a series of gruesome murders stoking social tension. Vignette Stonemoss (Cara Delevingne) and the Black Raven plot payback for the unjust oppression inflicted by The Burgue’s human leaders, Jonah Breakspear (Arty Froushan) and Sophie Longerbane (Caroline Ford). Tourmaline (Karla Crome) inherits supernatural powers that threaten her fate and the future of The Row. And, after escaping The Burgue and her vengeful brother Ezra (Andrew Gower), Imogen Spurnrose (Tamzin Merchant) and her partner Agreus Astrayon (David Gyasi) encounter a radical new society which upends their plans.

Island Part 2. The captivating, action-packed fantasy story continues. Half-human and half-monster Van (Kim Nam-gil), heiress Won Mi-ho (Lee Da-hee), and priest Johan (Cha Eun-woo) face forces of evil determined to take over the world. Van deals with a deep inner battle with his human and monster sides. Meanwhile, Mi-ho struggles to find the power within herself that is the key to overcoming evil. Join the trio as they fight to save the world and defy fate. Available to stream starting February 24.

The Consultant. When a new consultant, Regus Patoff (Christoph Waltz), is hired to improve the business at the app-based gaming company CompWare, employees experience new demands and challenges that put everything into question—including their lives. The twisted, comedic-thriller series will stream starting February 24.

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