• December 9, 2023

Flag carrier Philippine Airlines (PAL) has launched PAL Holidays, a one-stop travel website that allows passengers to book not just their flights but also their accommodation, car rentals, and other activities in order to make their travel experience more convenient.

The new platform—now live in the US, Canada, Australia, and the Philippines—is powered by Expedia Group’s White Label Template technology and designed to help passengers effortlessly plan and book their entire journey.

PAL Holidays marks a significant milestone in the airline’s commitment to enhancing the travel experience of its valued customers. With Expedia Group’s long-standing reputation as a reliable and trusted travel platform, travelers can be assured that PAL Holidays will deliver exceptional service and value.

PAL Holidays provides travelers with access to over 900,000 properties across the globe, enabled by its collaboration with Expedia Group.

The platform will also have exciting promotional deals and exclusive offers, making travel dreams even more attainable.

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