• June 13, 2024

TikTok‘s reality contest, “The Greatest Gamer Philippines,” presented by Smart in partnership with Smart Omega and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), has crowned 16-year-old Ezequiel “Spidey” Cauilan as the ultimate champion.

After three weeks of fierce competition and a display of exceptional gaming skills, Spidey secured a place in the Smart Omega team’s MLBB roster and cemented his status as ‘The Greatest Gamer’ in the country.

The culmination of The Greatest Gamer Philippines witnessed intense battles, strategic gameplay, and heart-stopping moments. Throughout the competition, Spidey displayed unwavering determination, skill, and passion, standing out among the talented pool of finalists. Their performance showcased the qualities necessary to excel in professional Esports, inspiring gamers across the country.

As the winner of The Greatest Gamer Philippines, Spidey received P250,000 cash prize, a one-year contract with Smart’s professional esports team Smart Omega, and the opportunity to join Smart Omega’s esteemed MLBB roster, offering him further opportunities for growth and success in his gaming career.

“The Greatest Gamer Philippines has been a remarkable showcase of talent, passion, and the power of the Filipino gaming community. We extend our warmest congratulations to Spidey for his well-deserved victory and commend all the participants for their exceptional performances,” said Vanessa Brown, Director, Business Development, APAC, TikTok.

“The competition has not only highlighted the incredible potential and dedication of Filipino gamers but also reinforced our commitment to supporting the growth of the gaming community in the Philippines,” she added.

From the auditions, which drew thousands of passionate gamers, to the exciting challenges in the villa, The Greatest Gamer Philippines garnered immense support with almost 550,000 unique viewers from TikTok users, Esports fans, and the Filipino gaming community across the ten live streams throughout the competition.

TikTok provided an immersive experience, offering behind-the-scenes, weekly tournaments, and engaging content that delved into the contestant’s backstories, allowing Esports fans and viewers to follow their journeys closely.

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