• May 18, 2024
TikTok mental wellbeing 1

TikTok reinforces its commitment to fostering a safer space for mental health conversations with its latest in-app campaign, “Mental Well-Being Comes First,” and new updates to the Digital Wellness Hub.

“Mental Well-Being Comes First” is a global campaign that aims to raise awareness and open conversations among the TikTok community about mental well-being using themed hashtags, tools, and resources. 

The campaign was shaped in consultation with experts and in accordance with results from a joint survey entitled Global Consumer Attitudes on Mental Well-being with market research firm YouGov, which underscored the need for greater mental wellness support ecosystems among adults above 18.

Under the campaign, support helplines to local non-profit organizations and resources—like TikTok’s well-being guide, comment filters, and screen time management features—will be made available to empower users to shape positive digital experiences for themselves. 

TikTok will also be rolling out a new Creator Spotlight series, featuring local psychologists and mental health advocates like Cassie Uyoco, Riyan Portuguez, and Miss D, who make informative videos around mental well-being, to inspire and empower others in the community to share their stories as well. 

In addition, TikTok will also be providing an update to its Digital Wellness Hub, an existing one-stop portal that anchors all of its educational initiatives around mental well-being and cyber wellness, to further bolster its offerings to the local community. These include greater access to local support helplines and new videos that provide useful tips promoting mental well-being. 

The hub is anchored on the hashtag #thinkb4youdo, which promotes safe online behavior and encourages everyone to think twice before doing anything on the Internet or before taking on dangerous challenges. The hub also hosts digital literacy tips that can help users make smart choices.

These initiatives will boost TikTok’s existing safeguards tailored to support users’ mental health, including in-app well-being guides that have been developed in consultation with experts.

The platform will also continue to take a two-pronged approach to address potentially harmful content on the platform including measures to remove videos that go against the platform’s Community Guidelinesm as well as in-app tools that empower all users to block and report inappropriate content. 

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