• October 1, 2023

Doing the laundry is a household chore that never quite gets fully done. Just when you’ve folded the last piece of clothing you washed early this morning, you turn around and see that the laundry basket just got filled up again. Thankfully, technology has made everyday chores—including doing the laundry—easier.

The TCL C20 front load washing machine makes washing clothes not just easier but also faster, better, and more efficient. 

It has a huge 10.5kg washing capacity and a 7kg drying capacity, and is equipped with features that make laundry day stress-free.

Its Honeycomb Crystal Drum has a specially engineered drum pattern for a scrubbing action that removes even the toughest of stains and dirt in every wash while also being gentle enough for delicate fabrics.

Meanwhile, the Steam Washing function uses steam and water to clean your fabrics. Steam lifts wrinkles from your clothing, sanitizes fabrics, and allows for detergent to sink deeper into your linens.

Got some crazy weather going on? No need to hang your clothes to dry. The TCL C20’s Dryna Heat Inverter intelligently adjusts the heat level in drying your clothes.

To make sure your machine is pristine the next time you want to wash, TCL equipped the C20 with a Drum Clean feature that rapidly flushes the inner cylinder with hot water.

The TCL C20 is powered by an energy-saving Direct Drive Motor that enhances the machine’s performance and durability and makes a silent and vibration-less washing machine.

The TCL C20 front load washing machine is now available at TCL authorized dealers.

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