• April 23, 2024

Smart Communications, Inc. and Google Cloud have teamed up to improve the accessibility of essential digital services for Filipinos.

Under this collaboration—with Searce providing technical implementation support—Smart becomes one of the first communication services providers (CSPs) in the Asia Pacific region to adopt Telecom Subscriber Insights, Google Cloud’s AI-powered solution. This solution analyzes data, offers insights on subscriber preferences, and gives personalized recommendations for activation on their devices.

As the Philippines’ digital economy is expected to grow by 20% year-on-year until 2025, mobile connectivity becomes crucial for accessing essential services, such as food, transport, and the purchase of daily items.

Smart will use Telecom Subscriber Insights on Google Cloud to securely analyze customer data and gain insights into how Filipinos use digital services and the pain points they face in everyday usage. This information will help develop services that empower Filipinos to better understand, manage, and optimize their mobile data consumption.

Smart will also use Telecom Subscriber Insights to design more inclusive mobile services for subscribers by identifying both patterns and gaps in connectivity.

With real-time insights from customer data, Smart could, for instance, help subscribers optimize their data consumption while streaming content by alerting the user to adjust the resolution of their video.

Subscribers could also be prompted to top up their prepaid plan on their device through integrations with local digital payments services, instead of having to locate a physical store to purchase a prepaid load.

With Telecom Subscriber Insights, Smart also aims to enhance subscriber interactions with agents and chatbots by integrating Google Cloud’s generative AI (gen AI) capabilities, such as Google’s first-party foundation models for summarizing text and maintaining an ongoing conversation.

By using Google Cloud’s Vertex AI platform to access and fine-tune these models, Smart could allow its subscribers to interact with natural-sounding, virtual agents that offer more tailored and accessible insights into their personal data consumption. 

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