• October 1, 2023

In celebration of its “Own Your Beautiful” campaign, SM Aura has opened a shimmering and futuristic play park at its Skypark, Level 5.

The Prism Park features a towering dichroic structure filled with interactive color-changing foot pads and inflatable balls, seesaws, and swings—all colorfully lit and ready for mall-goers to play with and enjoy.

At night, the Prism Park’s lights glow brighter and transforms into a glowing beacon, bringing a different experience yet equally as mesmerizing.

“SM Aura believes in the understanding that, especially nowadays, the spectrum of what each person defines as “beautiful” is as varied as all the colors and shapes of a kaleidoscope. Whether one relishes in the beauty of fashion, the beauty of delectable dishes, or the beauty of fun, what is beautiful is deeply personal,” the mall said in a press statement. “Whatever that facet is in the prism of “beautiful,” one can find it, celebrate it, and own it at SM Aura.”

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