• July 20, 2024

Singlife Philippines has launched two innovative products on GCash that make insurance coverage within reach in just a few taps.

Cash for Goals and Ready, Set, Grow are designed to make investing as simple, convenient, and flexible as possible. Here are four reasons why should check these investment-linked insurance products:

1. You can start small

You can start with as little as P750 per month on Ready, Set, Grow, and P1,000 per month on Cash for Goals—ideal plans to start the discipline of setting aside money for later. And when you’re ready, you can increase your monthly investments or decide to save for a longer period. It’s up to you.

2. No entry fees so you can grow your money faster

Singlife does not charge entry fees. The company believes that this money can be better used to grow your money faster. One hundred percent of your money is invested. Others can charge 20%-30% of your premiums to pay for coffee meetings, leatherette policy folders, and incentives for salespeople. 

3. Best fund managers in the country 

Your investments are managed by some of the most awarded investment managers in the country: Metrobank Trust Group and Atram. These institutions have a long history in the market and are experts in finding the best deals and in ensuring that the risks and returns of the funds are managed according to expectations. 

4. Freedom and flexibility

You can change your monthly investment amount anytime, pause it for a couple of months, withdraw from your investments either fully or partially, or add money whenever you like. The best part? No need for lengthy forms and painful calls or meetings with an agent because you can do all this through your GCash app.  

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