• July 21, 2024

Xiaomi has officially launched its 2023 Xiaomi International Theme Competition, an annual event organized by Xiaomi’s International Internet Business Department (IIB).

With the slogan “Global Expressions, Local Inspirations,” the competition aims to attract designers from the markets where Xiaomi operates and generate themes incorporating local designs and motifs for Xiaomi users worldwide.

Along with the announcement of the competition, Xiaomi’s IIB also released a series of videos to highlight the talents of the designers behind its popular Themes feature. These videos are stories about the collaborative spirit that is central to the Xiaomi Community.

Each of the four short videos tells the story of a Xiaomi Themes designer. Manolo, from Italy, is a freelancer who created a single black-and-white theme that was downloaded more than 20 million times. Matiba, a Colombian artist, embraced her traditional culture by painting colorful smartphone wallpapers for Barranquilla’s Carnival in collaboration with Xiaomi.

Piyush, on the other hand, started off as a regular Xiaomi Fan making amazing themes in his free time and has now turned his passion into a career in Xiaomi’s India office. Lu Zhiru, from one of Xiaomi’s corporate partners, shared her experience of working with the Xiaomi Themes team over the past decade.

Those who are interested to join the 2023 International Theme Competition can submit their work here until November 1.  Expert review and votes will start from November 1 to December 28, after which the winning designs will be announced. The first prize winner will take home $13,000.

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