• February 26, 2024

At Sharp Tech Day in Tokyo last November, Sharp Corporation revealed its technology strategy for the future to local Japanese government representatives, foreign embassies, and government representatives of the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Singapore, as well as local and foreign business partners and media.

According to Sharp Corporation President and CEO Robert Wu, Sharp Tech Day marks the start of a new era of technological advancements that will inspire many more innovations to come. The innovations from Sharp are in the area of AI, EV solutions, green energy, next communication, semiconductor, and robotics.

Sharp exhibited over 40 technology solutions across four key categories: ‘The Future of Smart Living,’ ‘The Future of Smart Cities,’ ‘The Future of Smart Industry,’ and ‘The Future of Sustainability.’

Sharp highlighted its newest Smart Living Solutions under the theme “Less is More.” The showcase featured AI collaborations with startups and products utilizing Sharp’s distinctive nature technology.

In the wake of unexpected hazardous situations, Sharp’s commitment to “Better Safety” in cities was evident in its display. One of the products showcase, the “Instant 5G Network,” offers a local disaster relief solution with equipment in a waterproof bag to quickly set up a 5G environment. Additionally, Sharp remains a key innovator in enhancing driver safety in smart cities with its AI driving-assistance feature.

With a focus on “Better Efficiency,” Sharp enhances logistical efficiency through its Smarter Office with XR and Smarter Logistic with robotics. In addition, the brand’s innovative Smart Manufacturing and Smart Laboratory technology, driven by AI and sensing technology, offer advanced manufacturing and bioengineering solutions for the future.

Aligning with the global demand for sustainable solutions, Sharp is making strides in Green Energy and Green Digital Communication. Its solar development is suitable for homes and businesses, with breakthrough capabilities to innovate new solar modules for electric vehicles and space applications. Additionally, the Sharp IGZO backplane enhances the visibility of electronic paper displays with zero power consumption, now available in a standard A2-size ePoster.

Nurturing synergy among innovators

Beyond creating innovative solutions, SHARP is committed to fostering collaboration among innovators to accelerate technology advancements. SHARP has shared specifications of its edge AI technology and established a system to facilitate cooperation.

The company has engaged with five startups to enhance generative AI technology. Additionally, strategic partner FOXCONN showcased an SUV EV and a range of automotive semiconductors, high-reliability automotive MCUs, and LED IC control.

Sharp also organized a hackathon at Sharp Tech Day, which welcomed groundbreaking ideas from engineers and designers involved in video equipment, corporations, teams or individuals. Participants developed applications and prototypes under themes like “AI,” “Web3,” “QoL,” and “Entertainment.”

Team Yukai na Nakama Tachi, suggesting an ‘AI assistant standing close by the family,’ won the 1 million yen cash prize. Sharp is exploring future joint development and acceleration support for the winning prototype.

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