• July 21, 2024

SEEK has combined its Asia Pacific (APAC) employment marketplaces—SEEK, Jobstreet, and Jobsdb—into a single platform using SEEK’s advanced AI technology, while keeping their separate identities.

This integration links millions of talents and employers across the APAC region, facilitating better connections between the right people and the right jobs.

SEEK’s consolidation of its employment marketplaces follows a decade after acquiring Jobstreet and Jobsdb, involving three years of development and an investment of approximately AUD$180 million.

“At SEEK, everything we do revolves around our customers. One unified platform means we can now offer our product to millions of people across Asia in an entirely new way, so that our customers can find jobs and talent more easily,” said Peter Bithos, Chief Executive Officer, Asia, SEEK.

The unified marketplace platform introduces AI enhancements to Jobstreet and Jobsdb in Asia, aimed at enhancing the job-seeking and hiring experience. For employers, the new platform uses AI models to evaluate talent suitability and provide personalized recommendations based on data from resumes, job ad descriptions, and past employer behaviors.

To improve the job-hunting process, the platform now easily connects talent with AI-recommended jobs that align with their experience and skills. With a larger dataset from across APAC, SEEK’s AI algorithms can deliver more accurate matches between employers and talent.

In moving to a unified marketplace platform, SEEK can now scale its use of data-driven insight, product testing, and innovation at pace. 

SEEK has also added a natural language search feature to its Jobstreet platform. This feature lets users submit job queries using simple phrases or complete sentences, eliminating the need to rely solely on keyword phrases (e.g., “Business analyst”). Powered by a large language model (LLM), this feature creates a more organic and appealing search experience for jobseekers. This feature is set to be rolled out across the rest of SEEK’s APAC markets this year. 

To experience the new Jobstreet by SEEK platform, visit jobstreet.com.ph or download the app on Google Play Store or the App Store. 

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