• February 26, 2024

Samsung has released a new device protection tool as part of its One UI 6 update. Called Auto Blocker, the feature protects Galaxy devices from a variety of security risks.

If enabled, Auto Blocker can protect your device from sideloading—or the downlading of apps from outside the Google Play Store or Galaxy Store.

Auto Blocker is disabled by default, so users who know what they’re doing can still sideload legitimate apps without Samsung’s software sounding the alarm.

Another part of Auto Blocker’s toolkit is turning on app security checks to help detect potential malware and prevent harmful commands and software installations via USB cable. This can help protect you and your device, especially when using a charging station in a public place such as a mall or airport.

Meanwhile, Samsung’s Message Guard feature has also been updated, now offering protection against Zero Click attacks, or direct image messages hiding malicious code. Initially launched for messaging apps from Google and Samsung, it now can help protect you using popular third-party apps. This way, you have greater choice over the apps you can safely use.

Auto Blocker is available now on Samsung Galaxy devices compatible with One UI 6. 

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