• October 2, 2023

Planning to visit Hong Kong, Indonesia, or Thailand anytime soon? You can make the most of your visit with Globe’s all-new GoRoam Promo.

This market-first offering for international travelers gives you data roaming access at never-before-seen rates so you can skip the hassle of switching SIMs when abroad. 

Check out the GoRoam offers for the above-mentioned countries:

PromoPriceGB AllocationValidity
GoRoam IndonesiaP40025GB30 days
GoRoam ThailandP50015GB8 days
GoRoam Hong KongP6003GB5 days

Aside from being affordable, this promo allows you to keep your Globe SIM and remain reachable via calls and texts. You don’t need to change SIMs at the port of entry; you only need to witch on your mobile data and data roaming upon landing abroad.

To enjoy GoRoam, you only need to register and track you data usage via the GlobeOne app. What’s more, you can register other accounts to GoRoam on your GlobeOne app and have the flexibility to pay using different options: charge to bill, charge to load, credit card, or GCash.  

Note that GoRoam promos only work in a specific country and each GoRoam offer also has its own allocation, validity, and price. If you wish to enjoy all-access, cross-country data roaming, you can register to other Roam Surf promos via the GlobeOne app.

Globe GoRoam is available for postpaid and prepaid subscribers.

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