• February 26, 2024

After entering the highly saturated global market in 2018 and since achieving the 100 million sales milestone in 2021, realme has continued to leap forward against all odds. Recently, the brand announced that its global smartphone shipments have surpassed 200 million units.

Amidst the increasingly competitive market and a stable hierarchy of leading brands, realme embarked phases of growth to gain widespread recognition as a key player, becoming the fifth-fastest brand to achieve said milestone and officially joins the elite ‘200 Million Club’ in the international arena.

Since its inception, realme remained true to its commitment to provide disruptive technology experience that is backed up with deep consumer insights and propelled by product innovation.

Fast-forward to 2023, realme focused on delivering a breakthrough tech, design, and performance experience to its users by following the “No Leap, No Launch“ principle in which leap-forward technology is guaranteed in each generation of products. 

Exceeding the 200 million global shipments milestone, realme has solidified its position as a mainstream international smartphone brand. It boasts a significant presence worldwide, particularly dominating emerging markets with an 88% market share, surpassing other members of the ‘200 Million Club.’

Committed to innovation, realme invests in research and development. Earlier this year, the brand established the realme Global Institute of Leap-forward Technology to enhance product capabilities and pioneer advancements in display, photography, gaming, and charging technologies.

In 2024, realme plans to significantly boost its technological capabilities by increasing R&D spending by 470%. The brand will collaborate with 33 top international tech partners to develop advanced technologies in imaging, gaming, display, and charging. Additionally, realme plans to expand its pool of tech talent by growing its Research & Technology team, expecting a 400% increase in research personnel next year.

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