• July 20, 2024

POCO is celebrating its fifth anniversary with the POCO Carnival campaign. Along with exciting birthday happenings, the brand is offering amazing discounts on a wide range of smartphones.

Here are the phones included in the special celebratory Anniversary Mega-Sale, exclusively available online via Shopee, Lazada, and TikTok Shop:

Exclusive on ShopeeSRPCarnival Price
POCO M4 5G 4GB+64GBP9,599P6,999
POCO X5 6GB+128GBP14,999P13,499
POCO X5 Pro 6GB+128GBP18,999P16,990
POCO M4 5G 4GB+64GBP9,599P6,999
Exclusive on LazadaSRPCarnival Price
POCO M5 6+128GBP10,499P7,999
POCO X5 6+128GBP14,999P11,999
POCO X5 PRO 5G 6+128GBP16,999P14,599
POCO X5 PRO 5G 8+256GBP18,999P16,299
POCO F5 5G 12+256GBP22,999P20,699
POCO F5 5G 8+256GBP20,999P18,899
POCO F5 Pro 5G 8+256GBP26,999P24,299
Exclusive on TikTok ShopSRPCarnival Price
POCO C40 4+64GBP7,499P5,999
POCO M5 6+128GBP10,499P8,299
POCO X5 5G 6+128GBP14,999P12,999
POCO X5 PRO 5G 6+128GBP16,999P13,299
POCO X5 PRO 5G 8+256GBP18,999P16,099
POCO F5 8+256GBP20,999P18,299
POCO F5 12+256GBP22,999P20,099
POCO F5 PRO 8+256GBP26,999P23,999
POCO F5 PRO 12+256GBP28,999P26,999
POCO F5 PRO 12+512GBP30,999P28,699

As part of the celebrations, POCO will also be rewarding POCO fans with gifts, in return for them sharing their craziest memories with a global audience of tech enthusiasts.

What’s more, loyal fans who will share their personal photos of the POCO F1—the first POCO device, which was launched in 2018—will be given special limited-edition and customized gifts as a token of appreciation.

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