• October 4, 2023

The Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) has partnered with PLDT Enterprise to promote the country’s digital ecosystem and support various industries with ICT and connectivity solutions to global investors.

“We firmly believe in the Philippines’ competitiveness in becoming a business destination for global investments,” said Theo Panga, Director General at PEZA. “In doing so, we will continue with our mission to proactively pursue investment leads and seek out new opportunities to showcase the country’s potential.”

The strategic partnership aims to promote the Philippines’ capabilities in becoming a digital hub in the global business market. This will be further supported by PLDT Enterprise’s digital expertise and solutions, which are instrumental to enable the growth and development of industries today.

“We aim to enhance the country’s digital prowess while exploring opportunities to co-innovate with domestic and foreign investors,” said Melvin Jeffrey Chan, Vice President & Head of Enterprise Innovations, Business Development, Consulting & Presales at PLDT Enterprise.

“Through the partnership, PEZA-certified companies can accelerate their businesses with our extensive communication network and continuously discover areas for innovation,” he added.

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