• October 4, 2023

For some academic institutions, the pivot to distance learning highlighted the challenges they face with regards to geography and limited wireless broadband infrastructure.

Batanes State College (BSC), a public school located in a remote island at the northernmost tip of Luzon, is one example that faced these lingering disadvantages. 

But that is no longer the case.

PLDT Enterprise, the corporate business arm of PLDT, has signed an agreement to provide BSC with its cutting-edge iGate Premium Internet Access, a dedicated internet access service that ensures seamless connectivity.

The school becomes the first institution in Batanes to be empowered with high-performance online services from PLDT Enterprise solutions.

The collaboration between PLDT Enterprise and Batanes State College marks a significant impact on the academe sector in the region. Staff, educators, and students will benefit from enhanced connectivity and the ability to access a wealth of educational resources seamlessly. 

Batanes State College’s goal is to enhance communication within the institution by establishing a centralized network for voice and data, leaning towards smart campus and digitalization.

Apart from iGate, the institution also elevated their mobile solutions with Smart Bizload providing faculty and staff with prepaid loads systematically and more conveniently.

Additionally, they are exploring the acquisition of the Smart Messaging Suite to efficiently disseminate information to students, integrating it into their enrollment system to provide timely prompts to enrolled students.

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